We Chose To Party

Jocqui Smollett | CEO of Hosted App

The summer of 2016 was a turning point. I found myself searching for spaces to rent and celebrate my 22nd birthday. It was my brother Jake’s 26th birthday on July 29th, my own three days later on August 1st, and Jake’s then best friend/current girlfriend’s birthday on the second! Talk about a week of festivities, huh? But beyond my brother proving that it is possible to make it out the friend zone, we also discovered that existing space sharing platforms, made it almost impossible to find spaces to host events.

After looking at various spaces across Airbnb, VRBO and the likes, it became apparent that anything beyond sleeping, eating, and breathing in these homes was strictly prohibited. Up until now, It’s a bit understandable since I’m sure the idea of renting out one’s personal property for parties and events could be intimidating.What if an attendee breaks something? What if someone gets hurt? But what if there was a platform dedicated to helping you navigate all these concerns? While these are legitimate questions, listing with Hosted App means partying with a plan: event insurance, how to think about your valuables, and how to get compensated for damages.

At Hosted, we chose to party. We chose to step out on a limb. If we developed an ecosystem of spaces, DJ’s, security, musicians, spaces, and a variety of services, would you party with us?

The Hosted App team is currently made up of my co-founder, Kamikaze, and I, who have planned and executed a variety of events ranging from conferences and concerts to workshops and speaker engagements. Our events have attracted crowds of 1,000+ people in attendance and through our journey we have developed a strong network of event planners, entertainment producers, and notable collegiates. We have the demand, now it’s a matter of connecting that demand to supply.

We envision a world where partying and event planning is safer because it is so well organized. Where we work within the parameters of local law enforcement to ensure that your event lasts long, and that it is also respectful of the surrounding community. We envision a world where DJ’s and artists suddenly have a streamlined path to making a living. Where college students can make a legitimate living as a service provider and pay their way through school. We know that the road will be long and very much unpaved but we are dedicated to making this work.

We are dedicated to safety. We are dedicated to eliminating the same discrimination that plagues so many space sharing websites all while bringing the best curated talent to your event. We want to make event planning simple and affordable which is why we have designed our own “party packages” that provide you with amenities such as a door monitor, alcohol/refreshments delivery, and a certain allotted time with a DJ all billed at full price or through a payment plan. Hosted is our name and planning is our game. You can find us at HostedApp.io, please drop a line in the comment box below and let us know what you think. If you are looking for a space/service and cannot find it on our site, then please reach out to me personally: jocqui@hostedapp.io.

We chose to party and I hope you do too! We look forward to building with you.

-Team Hosted

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